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Czech Green Building Council


The Czech Green Building Council (CZGBC) is a non-profit association encouraging the market, educational, and legislative conditions necessary topromote high performance construction that is both sustainable and profitable.

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Business21 is a group of young, enthusiastic managers affiliated with the American, British, Canadian, Dutch, French, German and Nordic Chambers of Commerce. The goal of the group is to make an impact in Czech society by using our managerial skills, our business sense, our Chamber affiliations, and our sheer determination to create positive change in the country. We all share a belief that politics should not be left only to the politicians - civic and business involvement in the political process is critical to shaping the best possible future. At the very least, we seek to be role models for the others in our generation - to show that we feel responsible for the direction our country is heading. At best, we can become a true voice for change, impacting the political status quo and ensuring economic prosperity for our country as we head deeper into the 21st century. - Czech Business Web Portal

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 Norwegian Tenders


Doffin is the Norwegian national notification database for public procurement. The website will help Contracting Authorities to create and publish notices in accordance with the regulations, and make it easy for suppliers to find relevant competitions in the public sector.