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IKEA opens pop-up studio in Prague
Swedish home goods company IKEA unveiled its pop-up shop in Wenceslas Square on 20 September. Named IKEA Point, the shop will be much smaller than standard stores of the chain and will serve customers as a source of inspiration, planning studio or meeting point. "For us, it is a new way of approaching our customers," said Mounia El Hilali, director of the Czech, Hungarian and Slovak IKEA. “Customers change their shopping habits and it is important that we listen to them,” she added. With an area of 800 square metres, the shop will present IKEA’s assortment of living room furniture and accessories. Leader of the project Peter Tichý explains that the company still considers living rooms centres of its customers’ homes. IKEA has invested CZK 17 million in its pop-up studio and estimates the annual sales to reach CZK 100 million.

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Finnish icebreaker tests novel oil spill equipment

Featuring the world’s first in-built oil recovery system, Finnish icebreaker IB Polaris has begun testing the equipment off the coast of Helsinki, Finland
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Iceland volcano: Could Katla erupt and will another ash cloud disrupt European flights?

huge volcano in southern Iceland is belching higher quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than previously thought, prompting scientists to warn it could be about to erupt
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Denmark to make driving licence digital with app

Physical licences will be no longer be needed by drivers in Denmark within the next two years, with a digital version to be introduced. Licenses will be accessible via an app
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Food prices in Finland to increase, researchers say

According to independent institute Pellervo Economic Research (PTT), food prices in Finland will increase this year and next year
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Denmark must be better at selling itself to foreign talents

The biggest challenge to Denmark’s economy is the labour shortage, and business and politicians must be better at working together to promote Denmark’s qualities
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Norway hikes rate for first time in seven years

Norway raised its key interest rate for the first time in seven years, as its economy recovers from years of weak oil prices and the ramifications of the 2008 financial crisis
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Is Sweden's gaming industry running out of workers?

In 2017, the number of gaming companies and employees in Sweden increased by almost a quarter in total compared to the previous year
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Norway’s Newest Ships Give a Glimpse Into the Future of Sustainable Seafaring

Norway’s latest ships, including the passenger vessel Future of the Fjords, may portend the end of carbon-belching vessels
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Sweden the best country for global development, new study declares

Sweden is the world leader at contributing to positive development in the world's poorer nations, thanks in part to strong migration policy
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Volvo Cars endorses G7 Ocean Plastics Charter

supporting its industry-leading commitment to reducing plastics pollution
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BB: Úvod do digitálního marketingu

The seminar is for experienced marketers who want to connect marketing in a digital environment with classic marketing. It also serves as an introduction to marketing strategy and marketing in a digital environment. It is also for all who solve marketing, but are not newcomers.
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Welcome cocktail reception

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St. Lucia Party 2018

A traditional Nordic Chamber Christmas Family event.
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