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Norway becomes first country to ban all palm oil based biofuel to protect rainforest

Palm oil-based biofuels will no longer be permitted in Norway, the nation’s parliament has announced. The move, which aims to thwart the destruction of Indonesian rainforests razed for palm oil plantations, makes Norway the first country to enforce such a ruling. Norway’s biofuel industry will have until 2020 to phase out the oil. “The Norwegian parliament’s decision sets an important example to other countries and demonstrates the need for a serious reform of the world’s palm oil industry,” Nils Hermann Ranum of Rainforest Foundation Norway said in a statement. Norway’s decision to remove palm oil from its biofuel industry came after years of discussion and a vote last year to stop the government from purchasing palm-based biofuel (the government moved instead to a voluntary removal system).

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World’s first zero-emission cement plant takes shape in Norway

Norway is getting closer to building the world’s first carbon-free cement plant in Brevik, Southern Norway
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Iceland continues to increase in popularity as a travel destination: 6% increase in 2018

For several years many in Iceland have speculated whether the popularity of Iceland as a tourist destination was just a passing fad
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Volvo Trucks to Introduce All-Electric Version of VNR Model

Volvo Trucks will bring electric-powered commercial trucks to North America next year by introducing a battery-electric version of its VNR regional-haul model.
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Amazon Web Services' Three Data Centers in Sweden go Live to Serve Nordic Market

Cloud services giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has opened three new data centres in the Stockholm
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Czech-Swiss company completes construction of chemical plant in Sweden

Czech-Swiss company Casale Project has completed the CZK 4.1 billion construction of a chemical manufacturing plant in Köping, Sweden
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Denmark no longer has OECD’s highest tax revenues

Denmark has been overtaken by France in a calculation of comparative tax revenues in the 36 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
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Alphabet’s Wing is launching a free 10-minute drone delivery trial in Finland

Wing, the Alphabet-owned drone delivery startup, has announced that it will launch a trial service in Finland next year
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Denmark looking to ban thin plastic bags

The Danish government is in favour of banning the thin plastic bags customers get at kiosks, pizzerias and greengrocers
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Autonomous ferry makes first demonstration voyage in Finland

Falco, a ferry which has been transformed into a self-driving vessel, made its way through choppy seas of the Turku Archipelago and navigated itself
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Danish property manager ISS to leave CR, Slovakia

ISS, which is doing business on the Czech market through ISS Facility Services, will leave the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
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BB: Leading different people with help of Natural Tendencies

Why is leading people or building high performing teams so challenging?
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