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Swedish banks embrace artificial intelligence as a cure to closures

Aida is the perfect employee: always courteous, always learning and, as she says, “always at work, 24/7, 365 days a year.

” Aida, of course, is not a person but a virtual customer-service representative that SEB AB, one of Sweden’s biggest banks, is rolling out. After blazing a trail in online and digital banking, Sweden’s financial industry is now emerging as a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Besides Aida at SEB, there’s Nova, a chatbot of Nordea Bank. Swedbank is adding to the skills of its virtual assistant, Nina.
All three are designed to sound like women, based on research suggesting customers feel more comfortable with female voices. Swedish banks have already seen their customer satisfaction scores drop to a 20-year low after shutting branches and pushing people onto online services. But AI might be part of the cure as applications such as chatbots hold the promise of filling in service gaps, given the right data and programming.


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Iceland’s government considers introducing road toll

The government is currently examining whether to introduce tolls on all roads out of the Reykjavík capital area as a means of financing urgent road construction projects.
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Copenhagen politicians want to limit the number of days apartments can be sublet on Airbnb

In response to concerns that unregulated Airbnb subletting is taking apartments off Copenhagen’s housing market in favour of tourists and temporary residents, a proposition to introduce regulations and cap subletting has won broad support among local politicians.
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Norway Companies Developing Autonomous Cargo Boats

Two companies in Norway are working on an autonomous shipping boat that wouldn’t need a human crew.
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Volvo Cars plans technology-sharing venture with Geely

Sweden's Volvo Car Group said it would set up a joint venture with its Chinese parent to share existing and future technology with other brands in the Geely family.
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Finns create protein out of air and energy

Researchers in Finland have produced a batch of single-cell protein using electricity and carbon dioxide, a method that can be used for food and animal feed.
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Norway considers tourist tax to deal with its growing popularity

Spurred in part by “the Frozen effect” that has seen tourism rise sharply since Disney’s 2013 film Frozen, which was developed with the support of Norway’s tourism agency, some officials began warning that the country was experiencing “too much of a good thing”.
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The first pictures from the upcoming Ikea-HAY collection are here

It is just under a year since the two Scandinavian design giants announced they were collaborating on a collection that would celebrate Scandinavian simplicity on a whole new level.
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Denmark submits bid to host European Medicines Agency ahead of tonight’s deadline

Denmark has officially submitted its bid for Copenhagen to host the European Medicines Agency (EMA) once it leaves London due to the Brexit vote.
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Fairy Tale Festival 2017

Fairy Tale Festival in Germany with Helenka Vondráčková
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BB: Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in IT Support. How to get there?

Breakfast briefing with speakers from NNIT and itSMF.
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PENTIK: Northern beauty to homes

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Friendly ice hockey match between Partners of HC SPARTA vs Chambers of Commerce SAVE THE DAY
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