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The Real Value of Joining a Nordic Chamber
of Commerce in the Czech Republic

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The Nordic Chamber of Commerce membership provides us with a great networking opportunity. Nordic companies have been active in the Central European markets in recent years and their importance is reflected by the fact that our firm has set up a specialised Nordic desk to provide expert legal counsel to assist them with their business activities.“

Membership Benefits

The Chamber provides opportunities for networking and learning, assisting members in growing their businesses, encouraging participation in our committees and involvement in Chamber events and sponsorship.

The Chamber acts as the “Voice of Nordic Business” through advocacy at the three levels of government and the public media, paying special attention to municipal affairs in respect to the monitoring of public policy and community development matters. We promote and support economic development opportunities that will encourage business investment, attract new business, create jobs and provide the foundation for a sustainable and vibrant business community.

Membership in the Nordic Chamber is thus a tool for influencing a pro-business public policy.

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Individual membership

Individual membership is possible for individuals of Nordic origin or with an exceptional Nordic connection (i.e. having lived or worked in the Nordic countries), who are working in non-Nordic companies which are not a member of the Chamber. Nordic individuals being private entrepreneurs or owners of Czech registered entities are not entitled to individual membership but must register for company membership.

Individual members can participate in all events in the Chamber at normal membership participation fee if any. They can though not participate in Business Mixers and Ambassador Meetings which are reserved for company members. The Individual member can furthermore not promote his company within the NCC (i.e. run seminars, place ad in Nordic News for member’s price) nor can they send a substitute from their company to Chambers event). No, Thank you


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