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Direct People, the innovation company, has entered the Polish market.

Direct People, the innovation company, has entered the Polish market. And it’s preparing to enter other markets in Central and Eastern Europe, too!

Direct People, the first innovation company in the Czech Republic, is expanding. It entered the Polish market two months ago and is getting ready to enter another two markets. In these new places of operation, it helps its clients with jump-starting projects that have been successfully established elsewhere, as well as with brand-new concepts. It also focuses on solely local projects.

The branch of Direct People in Warsaw was opened this September and is headed by Piotr Nejman, an experienced innovation consultant. At the moment, the company is working on four projects and more are coming. Among other things, the company has worked on projects for Dr. Max and many more its clients are interested in assistance with their activities in the Polish market. Therefore, Direct People expects that the Polish branch, counting six employees at the moment, is going to grow very fast.

However, Poland is not the only country of Direct People’s interest. The company has been working hard to enter the Slovak and Austrian market and it has been screening the potential of other countries as well. The entry to other markets and the purchase of 50 % share in the IT company of Viable One this May are its growth activities which should contribute to its year-on-year turnover doubling in 2018.

VOLVO wins Germany’s most prestigious automotive business award “The Golden Steering Wheel"

Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo Cars’ president and chief executive, has been awarded the prestigious Golden Steering Wheel award, honouring the year’s best performing manager in the car industry, according to German publishing house Springer.

Mr Samuelsson has been instrumental in overseeing a wholesale operational and financial transformation of Volvo Cars since he took the position of chief executive in 2012, recording record sales and profits several years in a row.

Since 2014, Volvo Cars has launched an all new range of cars that has positioned the Volvo brand as a credible contender in the global premium market, including the multiple award-winning XC90 and the successor to Europe’s best-selling premium mid-size SUV, the XC60.

The Golden Steering Wheel award is presented annually by publishing house Springer and the Bild Group, a German magazine group including AutoBild and Bild am Sonntag. Mr Samuelsson was the 35th winner of the event, which was presented to him at a gala event on Tuesday evening in Berlin by Tom Drechsler, chief automotiove editor of Bild Group and AutoBild.

“It is a great honor for me to accept this prestigious award,” said Håkan Samuelsson as he received the award. “I lived in Germany for ten years and I am well aware of the high level of attention the automobile industry receives in this country. That is why I appreciate this award even more. As a manufacturer from Sweden, it is very special to be successful here, not only for me personally but for all employees at Volvo Cars.”

Mr Drechsler attributed the decision to Volvo’s recently announced electrification strategy and the launch of its electrified performance arm Polestar.

“Håkan Samuelsson guided Volvo to sustainable profitability following the takeover by Geely Holding in 2010. The hard work of recent years has paid off. Thanks to the renewal of the model range with the XC90, XC60 and S90/V90, sales figures have increased to record levels.

“Furthermore, this year Mr Samuelsson took the decision to electrify every new Volvo model entering the market from 2019, and will be the first European producer to challenge Tesla, also from 2019, with three new models of the new electric performance brand Polestar.”

Volvo Cars announced this summer that from 2019 every new Volvo-branded car launched will have an electric motor, making it the first established car company to fully embrace electrification and place it at the core of its future business.

In October it announced, in conjunction with the launch of the first Polestar-branded vehicle, that together with Geely Holding it will invest RMB 5 billion (EUR 640 million) to support the initial phase of Polestar’s product, brand and industrial development.

The investment highlights the financial muscle and industrial and manufacturing expertise Polestar will have access to, and establishes the fully consolidated Volvo Cars subsidiary as a stand-alone electrified performance car company.

Skanska Property celebrates 20 years on the Czech real-estate

Skanska Property, respected innovative offices developer, celebrates 20 years on the Czech real-estate market.

The development company Skanska Property has recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its entry to the Czech real estate market. In the course of the evening held at the Skanska Groups’ headquarters in the Corso Court building in Prague 8, Skanska Property thanked its clients, present and former employees and business partners for their fantastic cooperation.

In the early years, Skanska Property focused its activities on projects in three segments of commercial property: retail (retail parks at Černý most and Čestlice in Prague), industrial (R6 Logistics Park) and office (Bredovský dvůr and Budějovická alej). Gradually, it started to specialize exclusively in administrative buildings. To this day, it has successfully introduced 84,000 m2 of office space in 7 Prague-based projects to the market (see overview below) and 11,700 m2 within the Nordica Ostrava project.

“We are currently one of the most active developers on the Prague real estate market. We are preparing more than 100,000 m2 of new administrative premises in highly-sought locations: Prague 4, Prague 8 and Prague 7. We are delighted to be able to contribute above all to the evolution of Prague 7, where our two projects Visionary and Port7 will significantly transform the area around Nádraží Holešovice train station and create a new core for this city section. We want to help Holešovice experience the same rise as Karlín, and companies’ interest in our projects in this area has confirmed our choice,” says Marie Passburg, Managing Director of Skanska Property. 

Skanska Property is a respected developer of premium commercial properties, valued both by tenants and investors. It innovates its buildings not only in terms of building technology, but also in terms of the quality of interior settings and provided services. Since 2012, every single Skanska Property administrative building has had a LEED environmental certificate. The most recently completed Five project was awarded the highest score ever in the Czech Republic in the field of speculative development. The properties are designed using the BIM system as maximally efficient, and the system also monitors the efficiency of actual construction and subsequent operation.

“For institutional investors, cooperation with Skanska is a sure bet. Given our experience, we value the surety of reliability, the surety of quality technical building construction and the creation of a superior work environment,” says Tomáš Fiala, Director of INVESCO Real Estate

Skanska Property offices provide a valued work environment, and because of their customized mobile application, they offer a range of services directly in the compound or in the near vicinity: restaurants, laundry, electric car or bike rentals, fitness or nursery.  For its Visionary project in Prague 7, Skanska Property is striving to obtain a WELL certificate which assesses soft factors such as access to natural light, air quality, sufficient drinking water, employee comfort and their mental wellbeing.

“In three years of activity in Prague, MSD IT has seen consistent growth and its team now includes more than 700 professionals. In 2014 we moved the pilot project of our global IT hub to the newly built Riverview building by development company Skanska Property. Due to our rapid expansion, we soon needed more space of equal quality. We found it in the Five building from the same developer, where we have created one of the most advanced workplaces in the Czech Republic,” says Richard Branton, Vice President of MSD and CTO. “The concept of buildings developed by Skanska Property fully resonates with the philosophy and needs of MSD. This is why we have leased two of their buildings in Prague’s Smíchov district in the course of two years. We are delighted to contribute to the further development of this former industrial quartier,” he adds.

Skanska Property with cooperation with creative group FirstFloor also launched a new media project #MORETHANOFFICE during the celebration. This media project is comprised of online blog (at www.morethanoffice.eu) and 52-page printed magazine. It serves as a modern guide to the „office jungle“ and as a source of inspiration for a better life in the office, where most of us spend almost one third of their lives.

   Scanska Team

Big success for ABBACZ in Oslo

The endless series of ABBACZ's success shows can be added once more, as the band on Monday ended with the Norwegian businessman and billionaire Egil Stenshagen's birthday party at Christiania Theater in Oslo city center. The band was set to play 3 tracks, but was repeatedly invited by the birthrunner and the 120 guests to play extra numbers. So they were not released until they had played 9 tracks! The highlight occurred when Stenshagen followed the Abba girls' invitation to come to the stage and dance with them to "Dancing Queen". The pictures show a happy and satisfied Stenshagen between the girls, double thumbs-up from him, a turn-around on stage, as well as a standing audience with the mobile so that the experience could be gained. Active Booking thank you to Stenshagen for a nice stay and event, as well as the great words afterwards. And thanks to the always obvious Abbacz band.


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